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about secondline

Well folks, I figure this part should be written in the first person. I’m from Houston, I grew up in New Orleans, and I’ve lived in Baton Rouge for the last decade or so. Amazing parents helped me stay on track through high school and college, and after 6 glorious years at LSU I walked away with a degree in Economics. You might wonder what that has to do with photography? Well, not much. But it has a ton to do with business, and having a strong business background is of paramount importance to any successful operation. From a very young age, I expressed interest in a few things – photography, people, and entrepreneurship. So maybe it’s fate that I ended up owning and operating a wedding photography studio! Couple that with an insatiable desire to travel, and you’ve got me in a nutshell. Of course if you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer them!

So, people from Louisiana already know the answer to this, but if you’re not from our great state, you may be thinking, “What’s a Second line?” Or, “Why not First Line?”

A Secondline is a group of people being led in celebration from one point to another by music. Traditionally, a brass band.

Imagine this – You’ve just been married at a gorgeous historic church in the French Quarter, and your reception venue is four blocks away. As soon as you make your exit, there’s a mobile brass band waiting outside. When they see you, they strike up the music, and off you go! Your congregation will joyously follow you and your spouse to your destination. This is a very common occurrence in Louisiana, and it’s amazing every time! Reference the images to your right for some great moments captured during a Second Line celebration.

Secondline Photography is a full-service studio based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana but is regularly commissioned worldwide. Owner and photographer, Bradley King, believes that every great portrait is founded on strong personal relationships with each of his clients. Bradley combines traditional styles with creative imagery and contemporary themes, so each client is able to express their unique perspective throughout the session. His attention to detail and his desire to grow and evolve ensure that no two sessions are ever the same.

Secondline Photography was established on breathtaking images and meaningful photographer-client relationships, but professionalism is of paramount importance. Prompt service and quick response times are guaranteed throughout the business relationship. Secondline Photography looks forward to working alongside you before, during and after each session. We are honored to help you capture each precious moment, so that you may cherish them for decades to come.

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